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We use this space to reflect on our work in the city and the changes we are seeing around us.

Positive thought of the Week

This week’s positive thought from a member of our Youth Panel… ‘Believe in yourself!’  

This too will pass

On Sunday, I felt rubbish. I woke up with back pain and heard torrential rain being blown against the window by heavy wind. Everything felt horrible, inside, and out. I wanted to hide in bed and not face the day. But with a long list of things to do, I reluctantly crawled out of bed and got on with the day. Later, that afternoon, I was walking through my local park and reflecting on the unexpected turn of the day. The rain had cleared, the sun shone gloriously, my jobs were mostly done, and my back pain had eased as I walked. The changes were so gradual, that I had hardly noticed them happening. But suddenly I was aware of feeling completely different: relaxed, at peace and happy. If you had told me at 7am that this is how the…

Meet the Team

Questions children have asked our therapists and their answers!