It has been a very unusual last two years for all of us.  At BTH we have been incredibly busy getting all of our systems online, delivering therapy to young people via zoom and recruiting new staff to meet the growing need for bereavement and separation and divorce support in the city.  We are currently fundraising for our future service delivery too.

Annual Report 2020-2021

Our Annual Report is available for you to download as a pdf.

Remembering Day 12th March 2022

On Saturday 12th March we hosted a Remembering Day for all the families we have been in contact with who have lost a loved one or were already grieving at the start of the pandemic in 2020.  Many families had missed out on the chance to gather with others to remember their special person or to mark their anniversary due to restrictions.  We took time to remember people’s loved ones through crafts and memory activities and a collective time of quiet, gathered around the beautiful stones everyone had painted.  We also had plenty of food and fun times together including drumming and making slime.  Thank you so much to all the families that came and shared with us, to our great team of volunteers and staff and to the Sir John Middlemore Trust for funding our time together.

BTH Ambassadors

BTH Ambassadors is our fantastic youth panel.  Look out for their posts around the site.  They have been feeding ideas into the planning for our Remembering Day and will be in person present on the day to get your feedback on BTH services, the Remembering Day itself and what BTH can do better.  They are full of ideas and inspiration and their input is invaluable to us!