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Georgie’s Blog

Autumn term 2022 has been my first term working full-time as a play therapist for Beyond the Horizon and it has gone by so quickly! Working more hours has meant more clients, and that means a lot more meetings with lots of people. A great part of my role is meeting so many family members and professionals who are working hard to provide the best possible outcomes for my clients. Meeting so many caring and nurturing people is a great reminder of the goodness in the world even in difficult times.

Another part of working with so many different young people is that I am holding lots of different thoughts, feelings and issues over each week. This can feel tough at times, so many of the young people I’m working with have had to deal with very challenging circumstances. This term has really reminded me the importance of self-care and asking for support when I need it. I think this is something so many people forget about when we are looking after others. Remembering you can’t be fully there for others until you are ok yourself is really important!