Welcome to Beyond the Horizon!

We help children, young people and families who have been affected by loss, bereavement, divorce, separation, and domestic abuse. If you have faced any of these difficulties we can help you work through your challenges to achieve emotional wellbeing and hope for a healthy future. Our counsellors and play therapists help children and young people come to terms with their losses and with the changes in their lives.

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Young person looking for help?

Aged 12-18 and grieving for someone who has died?  Experienced the separation of your parents? Or domestic abuse in your family?  You can self refer to us.  Contact us and Aasma or Marie will respond to your enquiry.

Annual Report 2022-23

Our annual report is out!  And filled with lots of stories of how BTH has been supporting children in Birmingham.  Take a look here: Annual Report 2022-2023


What we do

We work with 4-18 year olds who live in Birmingham or attend a Birmingham school.

We offer family support sessions to families when a loved one has recently died.

We visit children in schools and community locations to give them one to one therapy.

We deliver parenting support sessions to individual parents.

We run group courses for parents and carers who want help to re-establish their relationship with their child after a loss.

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Our values

At Beyond the Horizon we are:

BRAVE with our decisions and are willing to challenge ourselves, each other and our stakeholders.
PROFESSIONAL at all levels of our organisation.
COMPASSIONATE showing compassion to our team members and beneficiaries.
INCLUSIVE creating a culture where all of our beneficiaries and team members feel a sense of belonging.
CREATIVE in all of our work and in our approach to supporting others.

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