Here is where you can find out what young people, families and schools say about us.

“The frustrations she demonstrated have been much alleviated by the therapy.  She is showing much less stress and presents as generally much happier and relaxed around school.”

“Always a pleasure working with your service.  You make provision for vulnerable pupils that is not available from another service.”

- Schools

“He was very very unsettled before sessions started and as they progressed he came out of his shell. He really enjoyed the sessions and felt comfortable with you and that helped him settle.  He didn’t stop talking about you.”  Mum

- Parent

“I can talk about how I feel about them [my family] and it makes me appreciate them a bit more and love them”

“It helped me to talk about things that upset me because I used to cry a lot”

“I was more insecure when we first started but now that we’re finishing I feel safe and I feel a lot better about me not going berserk when people say things about my Dad”

“Mummy knows about me more”

- Children and Young People