Being the ‘new kid’


Have you ever moved to a new school or job and felt like the ‘new kid’? Well, that has been me this month as I joined the staff team at Beyond The Horizon. There has been so much to learn about how the charity works, as well as finding my way round three schools and getting to know lots of lovely new families and children.

It is so easy to feel that people will like us better if we look like we know what we are doing and that we should hide all our uncertainties. However, this month has reminded me that often the exact opposite is true. It is often in those times where I had to ask how to do something, or when I get lost and have to ask for directions to the classroom again, that it gives someone else an opportunity to be kind to me, to have a little laugh with them and to make a new friend.

I wonder if you feel like the ‘new kid’ in any way at the moment? Try sharing your worries or asking for help – sometimes it’s the best way to find new friends.