Our values

Our values shape how we do what we do and the quality of the service we offer to children and young people.

At Beyond the Horizon we are:

BRAVE with our decisions and are willing to challenge ourselves, each other and our stakeholders.  We recognise the bravery of the children and families we work with. We seek to be brave as a staff team and to make the best decisions for all involved in the therapeutic work

PROFESSIONAL at all levels of our organisation.  We will provide a safe, supportive and highly professional and ethical service.  Our therapists are experienced and well supported with supervision.  Our dedicated admin team are caring and professional as is our leadership and team of trustees. We will be professional in our responses to complaints about our service or any incidence of racism, discrimination or inequality highlighted to us.

COMPASSIONATE showing compassion to our team members and beneficiaries.  We aim to be trauma-informed in our approach to the families we work with and our team.  This means that we seek to understand the impact of childhood and family trauma on children’s lives and relationships and help them to restore and recover. We will strive to treat all beneficiaries and team members with great care, consideration, sensitivity and without judgement.

INCLUSIVE creating a culture where all of our beneficiaries and team members feel a sense of belonging.  We welcome diversity and difference and aim to always be growing in our cultural sensitivity and the inclusion, equality and diversity of our organisation. We will challenge racism, discrimination and inequality in any instance.

CREATIVE in all of our work and in our approach to supporting others.  We are innovative in our responses and look for creative solutions to problems we or our families are facing wherever we can.  We listen carefully to our beneficiaries and adapt our services to meet needs. We strive to understand the diverse needs of the communities we serve and will continue to develop our services to reflect those needs.