What we do

Our work is focused around four main projects. We employ highly professional counsellors and play therapists to deliver our services free of charge to families. Our therapists are all members of a professional body such as BACP, PTUK or BAPT. We are a charity so we raise funds for our work through grants, trusts and fundraising so that the children and families who need it most can receive it free of charge.

We travel to the area each child lives in to see them at their school or at a community venue near their home. This makes it easier for all children and families to access our service, regardless of their family circumstances.

We assess the needs of each individual child and tailor our work to each family within the guidelines for each project. No one size fits all. When you get in touch we hope you will find us welcoming, supportive, understanding and professional.


How we work

Our work is with 4-18 year olds who live in Birmingham or attend a Birmingham school.  We offer our services with attention to the contexts of each child’s life, working with their school, family, social worker or other agency support.  We believe that with all these partners working together well the best outcomes for each child will be achieved.

Or work is confidential, ethical and child-led.  This means we pay lots of attention to what each child is saying their needs and wants are.  We respect their need for privacy.  Our work is safe.  We maintain high standards of safeguarding and work within local and national guidelines at all times.  We are often advocates for children, representing their voices so they can get the services they need.

“He was very very unsettled before sessions started and as they progressed he came out of his shell. He really enjoyed the sessions and felt comfortable with you and that helped him settle.  He didn’t stop talking about you.”  Mum

"The frustrations she demonstrated have been much alleviated by the therapy.  She is showing much less stress and presents as generally much happier and relaxed around school."

"Me and my family aren't as stressed as we used to be"

"I can talk about how I feel about them and it makes me appreciate them a bit more and love them"

"Young person engaged with the counsellor and was keen to have contact with her every week.  This was a fantastic improvement due to Young Person being very withdrawn."