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Freedom through play

This week I have begun Play Therapy with four new children. Being with them as they begin to explore in a new way, has reminded me of the freedom that play can bring.
Play Therapy is based on creating a safe accepting relationship, within a consistent time and space, and then enjoying creating and playing together. Through this, children naturally begin to process their feelings and experiences through play. And then very gradually, often something a bit like magic begins to happen… children who are nervous try out being brave, quiet voices start to speak a bit louder, boisterous energy settles and becomes a bit calmer, and children who have been hurt begin to trust again.
But you don’t have to be a therapist for this magic to happen. Whether you are a parent, teacher, brother, sister or friend – making some time to give someone your attention and being open to what they want to play, talk about or create can open up a world of possibilities, bringing freedom and joy to you both.
Who could you spend time with this week?