We are extremely sorry but our waiting list for one to one therapy is now closed and will be closed for March. We are a small charity and demand for our services far outstrips our resources. We are closing our referral pathway while we reassess our referral system and how to respond to increasing demand. Please be patient with us.

If you are a young person who wants to refer yourself you can still do this by calling or emailing us directly.

We provide one to one counselling or play therapy to children and young people from 4 – 18 years.  We work with children who have suffered a bereavement, domestic abuse or family separation and divorce.  We often work with children who have complex loss which means the child may have experienced trauma or more than one kind of loss.

After assessment each young person will be assigned a therapist that they see at the same time in the same place each week.  This might be in school or outside school hours in a community venue near the young person’s home.  This work tends to last between three to four months, and in some cases longer.  You can self-refer to this service or professionals can refer a child.  Please make sure you have the permission of the family before you refer a child and that the child knows about the referral too.  The agreement of the child or young person is always needed for us to work with them.  To discuss making a referral to us please email us at